Althea Pharma

1. Anti-Keloid and Hyperthropic Scars - ABT (USA)
  • Kelo-cote
2. A Pre & Post Medical Aesthetic Procedure - Laboratoires d'Anjou (France)
  • Expert care that decongests, repairs and regenerates your skin – LCE Balm
  • Our new treatment for a brown spot free complexion – Reinforced Depigmenting
  • For assaulted, overheated skins, with tendency to couperosis – Extreme Care
  • No. 1 Anti Aging with an active extract of Laminin-5, especially for sensitive skin – Intensive Anti-Aging
  • A real protective and soothing shield – Comfort Cream
  • Cares & Covers - L.C.E Regard
3. HairMax The Ultimate Hair Growth Laser Devices – Lexington (USA)