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ENT Surgical Sponge (Sterile)

  • Provides optimal pressure during epistaxis treatment.
  • Soft, supportive, non-adhesive, with low irritation.
  • No lint, fiber, or particulates.
  • Able to absorb blood and fluids quickly.
  • Air-foaming technology, very clean and does not contain residue

Designed to seal the nasal cavity tightly. This anatomic type nasal pack is used during and after nose surgery. Optional air duct design adds to patient comfort.

PVA eye spear (Sterile)

  • 3D open cell structure sponge with interconnected pores which has high absorption capacity (absorption 5x).
  • Lint-free and particulate-free.
  • Accompanied by Air-Foaming technology with ultraclean process and free of residue.
  • Equipped with a handle made of polypropylene, which is comfortable, comfortable, and easy to apply.
  • Hydrophilic in nature, very quickly absorbs fluids and blood.
Size Variations

AnsCare ChitoClot Gauze is available in several sizes:

No. Model Size
1. CG – 212 – 7 (7.5cm x 180cm) z-fold
2. CG – 212 – 2 (5cm x 40cm) 8ply
3. CG – 212 – 6 (10cm x 10cm) single ply

CitoChlot Gauze

It is the first Hemostatic Agent in Indonesia that contains Chitosan which is quick to stop bleeding (45 seconds – 3 minutes), easy to use and has a complete variety of sizes.

  • Quickly stops bleeding
  • Easy to use and remove
  • High absorption rate
  • Flexible and conforms to tissue surfaces
  • Antibacterial
  • Good biocompatibility
  • 100% medical grade Chitosan non-woven

Composition: 100% non-waven Chitosan
Absorption Capacity: High
Sterilization: Ray sterilization (gamma)