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Inion CPS

All Inion CPS® implants are based on Inion® biodegradable polymer blends and have excellent handling properties, and strength and degradation characteristics that support a more natural healing process.

Clinical Advantages

Since their introduction in 2001, the Inion CPS implants have been used successfully in more than 55 000 operations by an increasing number of physicians.

  • The most comprehensive biodegradable plating system available – the only one comparable to titanium in its scope of use.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Avoidance of removal surgery reducing patient trauma and cost.
  • Unlike other biodegradables, it has implants suited for all CMF areas, including:
  1. paediatric craniofacial trauma and reconstruction
  2. fractures and reconstructive procedures of the cranium
  3. orthognathic surgery and trauma of the midface and maxilla
  4. fractures and osteotomies of the mandible

Inion CPS Baby System

All Inion CPS™ implants are composed of Inion® biodegradable polymer blends. They have excellent handling properties, strength and degradation characteristics that support a more natural healing process. Inion CPS™ Baby System is designed especially for the use in paediatric craniofacial trauma and reconstruction procedures.


Inion CPS™ implants have more than 14 years history of safe clinical use, and more than 60,000 operations have been conducted with these products.

  • Optimal adaption to the bone

  • Easy to cut

  • Fast and easy to use


  • Good bite! High strength properties of the
    material and the screw profile with improved pullout
    strength meet the challenges of demanding
    orthopaedic fixations.
  • Low screw head profile, which can be shaped
    smoother by a temperature cautery, for reduced
    palpability and tissue irritation.
  • Memory effect – possibility to create a new screw
    head at a chosen point of the screw shaft by a Low
    temperature cautery.
  • Screws are delivered with a disposable metallic
    adapter to allow insertion with a standard 3.5 mm
    hex screwdriver.
  • Compatible with most of the universal
    instrumentation used in hospitals around the
    world: ISO, ASIF, AO.
  • Screws can be cut to any desired length
  • Screws interlock with the plate when used
    in conjunction with the biodegradable Inion
    FreedomPlate™ and a Low temperature cautery.
  • Implants are radiolucent – no imaging interference.
  • Versatile screw allows for low inventory levels.

Inion Freedom

Inion FreedomScrew™ is a strong and versatile resorbable screw for orthopaedic fixations. Because of its unique manufacturing method and intelligent technical properties, Inion FreedomScrew™ offers many clear benefits for the operating surgeon who appreciates implants that are reliable, modifiable, and easy to use.


Maintain stabilization and fixation of the fractured bone, osteotomy, arthrodesis, or bone graft that requires additional appropriate immobilization (eg: implant fixation, cast, and brace).